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Looking for a permanent or temporary position in the healthcare field?

All Staff Nursing provides Complete Care and Staffing Needs

All-Staff Nursing is the healthcare staffing division of Cooperative Home Care, Inc. If you are a healthcare organization that needs healthcare staffing, All-Staff Nursing will help you. If you need home care, Cooperative Home Care will help you. We are one company that provides these distinct, but related services. Cooperative Home Care was founded in 1986. We acquired All-Staff Nursing in 1991. Together, we are 65 years of healthcare experience!

We are dedicated to the success of our clients and employees and committed to the delivery of quality healthcare services. Our Mission Statement has endured for 35 years. It guides every team member’s efforts. This includes our front line caregivers, nurses, and therapists as they are providing care directly to our clients. It also applies to our administrative team working in our five local offices to support them. When you are part of All-Staff Nursing, you are part of something bigger.